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Hulsbosch Safety Systems

Moerplas 21
2870 puurs

tel & fax: 03/8996464
Gsm: 0479/361425

Intrusion alarm solutions

An alarm in your private home or shop? Integrating intrusion detection into your offices' current monitoring systems? For private individuals, self-employed workers, SMEs and large enterprises HUSA-Systems always develops a solution tailored to your particular situation and budget.

Always custom-made
Each house is unique. Each company's premises differ from all others. That's why HUSA-Systems proposes a solution for you only after an on-site visit and a detailed risk analysis.

From simple alteration to extensive integration
You're a handy (re-)builder and prefer to install the cabling for your alarm installation yourself? Our experienced staff will be happy to give you tips, instructions and advice. Or, you're a facility manager and you want to integrate your company's surveillance, technical alarm and fire detection systems into a single, central solution? Our specialists will work with you to plan out the entire project.